Random Cheat Sheets

Over the years I’ve created some cheat sheets to help me with day to day life in the hospital (it helps overcome my terrible memory). They’ve always been really helpful, especially when starting in a new speciality.

I used to carry them in my pocket (hence why they’re <2 A4 pages), but the digital revolution means they’re now all in .pdf format.

ED Sheet – 1st page adults. 2nd page paeds. Paeds page is based on APLS drug dosing (now updated with 5th Edition)

ICU sheet – seems erringly similar to the ED sheet these days. I think as i started to sweat the big stuff in ED, my ICU experience became more relevant

Anaesthetic Drugs – Quick fire drug doses based on Oxford Handbook, PROMPT course (obstetrics), My local hospital obstetric handbook and some other random useful stuff

Newborn Life Support – Annotated algorithm for those that don’t have to do this all the time, and might need a quick reminder pre-emergency Casear

Wellington ICU Drug Manual – (external link) A lifesaver – literally!


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