3 thoughts on “CVS Physiology

  1. Hi
    firstly thanks so much for excellent resource. its very well structured and summarizes beautifully.
    Just a quick clarification with regards to pages 2 and 3 of heart as a pump, I think that the paragraphs at the end of page 2 and start of page 3 have aortic valve (AV) and mitral valve (MV) mixed up a couple of times?? either that or I am more tired than I think 🙂
    either way thanks again for your suggestions and guidance

    1. Sorry Adam I have just re-read the section and think the short hand that your using is for atrial ventricular valve (AV valve). turns out I am more tired than I thought.
      thanks again

      1. Glad the notes and website are helpful! Yup, you’re right in this case I used AV to refer to AtrioVentricular valves. I’ve updated the notes anyway in order to make it a bit clearer. Thanks for the feedback!

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