CVS Physiology

All notes are in .pdf format

1.Electrical Heart

2.Heart as Pump

3.Dynamics of Blood Flow

4.CVS Regulation

5.CVS Response to Function

6.Circulation Through Regions

Happy to correct errors. Please leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “CVS Physiology

  1. Hi
    firstly thanks so much for excellent resource. its very well structured and summarizes beautifully.
    Just a quick clarification with regards to pages 2 and 3 of heart as a pump, I think that the paragraphs at the end of page 2 and start of page 3 have aortic valve (AV) and mitral valve (MV) mixed up a couple of times?? either that or I am more tired than I think 🙂
    either way thanks again for your suggestions and guidance

    1. Sorry Adam I have just re-read the section and think the short hand that your using is for atrial ventricular valve (AV valve). turns out I am more tired than I thought.
      thanks again

      1. Glad the notes and website are helpful! Yup, you’re right in this case I used AV to refer to AtrioVentricular valves. I’ve updated the notes anyway in order to make it a bit clearer. Thanks for the feedback!

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